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Blind Lifter
by: Janar Stewart, Glenn Elliott, Devin Gallagher, and Renee Cobb

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Nothing can stop 39-year-old DC-resident Pat Leahy from returning to the bodybuilding stage. Not age, not injury -- not even blindness.

Pat has entered what may become his final bodybuilding competition. Old sports injuries could flare mid-performance and permanently affect his athletic future. Cameras follow his progression and add pressure to his need to succeed. His parents support him, yet voice concerns about his health and safety.

Yet, something deeper drives Pat.

He says competition opens new worlds to him and gives him a sense of control that blindness can make difficult. Pat’s journey illustrates the tug-of-war between total independence and the occasional need for assistance.

In a world where many assume what people with disabilities cannot do, Blind Lifter shows what we can all do, disabled or not.

Fueled by a medal for best routine during a 2010 national bodybuilding competition and armed with a dramatically new workout program, Pat trains, diets, and faces setbacks as he pushes himself to win another top award.

As Pat prepares for the upcoming bodybuilding competition, will his inner need and his insatiable drive push him too far, or will his latest odyssey show others how to truly live?


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